The HHSH trip to Aurignac.

The director Rob and dedicated team member Aston took to the road in the trusty Navara when a customer needed a repair. This wasn’t just a repair, this was a 1,600 mile round trip split between 24 hours to change 2 roof sheets on a gorgeous hut that was unfortunately damaged in transport. We thoroughly […]

Meet The Team – Aston

What is your role at Holmes Hill Shepherds Huts? “I am highly skilled fabricator and I joined the Holmes Hill team back in March 2022, my job is to fabricate the chassis’ and the steel wheels the huts sits on. I work part time here and work full time as a steel erector all over […]

Finance Your Shepherds Hut – The Need To Knows.

Is financing a shepherds hut worthwhile? The simple answer, yes. The long answer, yes and here’s why, finance will split up your payments across a term you choose, whether that is 2 years or 6 years, so for example our largest hut fully kitted out £35,000, across 2 years with a 10% deposit would be […]

Shepherds Hut Lifespans – Built for life not just for living.

With a lifetime guarantee, a year’s warranty and quality aftercare, a Holmes Hill shepherd’s hut will always be there for the moments that matter. Month after month, year after year and from one generation to the next. The Victorians had unmatched hut making skills Our Shepherds Huts are based on the Victorian shepherd’s hut construction […]

Meet The Team – Grace

Grace is the office dog at Holmes Hill Shepherds Huts, grace is a mix bred whippet type, grace enjoys sleeping in her lords & labradors sleepy burrows hooded bed, if she isn’t snuggled up in here she is napping on the sofa in the directors office. Grace loves people so meets and greets anyone that […]

When is the best time to buy a hut?

A frequently asked question we hear at Holmes Hill Shepherds Huts is: ‘When’s a good time to order my hut?’ And the equally popular: ‘What’s your lead time?’ Well, here is your answer. With the benefit of experience, a very skilled and dedicated team of master hut makers and a lot of hard work, we […]

Your Shepherds Hut journey – Every step of the way.

Does a shepherd’s hut need planning permission? Easy answer? A the shepherd’s hut itself will not need planning permission, it’s the use of the hut that may. As the shepherd’s hut structure is portable the answer is mostly no. But any change of use to the land that the huts are upon could need planning […]

Meet the Team – Robert Mcfagan (Director)

What inspired you to start Holmes Hill shepherds huts? “I started Holmes Hill Shepherds Huts back in 2019, It has been a strange journey, qualifying as a mechanic back in 2016 but never feeling it was my calling, I tried many things over the years and even built a hut back in 2017 as I […]

The Shepherds Hut Glamping Business – Tips And Tricks

The glamping business is going from strength to strength – according to Verified the increasing desire to experience travel and a deeper connection with nature is driving the rapid expansion of the Glamping Market, as tourists seek out unique, immersive lodgings that combine luxury and outdoor adventure. This trend is driven by a desire for […]

Your working life in a Shepherds Hut.

Imagine having your own place to focus, that is distraction free and gives you control over the way that you work. A garden office offers lots of benefits such as embracing the best bits of homeworking, without the possible downsides. A shepherd’s hut office could transform your working day and your leisure time too. Working […]