Shepherds Hut Lifespans – Built for life not just for living.

With a lifetime guarantee, a year’s warranty and quality aftercare, a Holmes Hill shepherd’s hut will always be there for the moments that matter. Month after month, year after year and from one generation to the next.

The Victorians had unmatched hut making skills

Our Shepherds Huts are based on the Victorian shepherd’s hut construction which are built to last. Whether it’s the molten cast iron wheels, the powder-coated and shot-blasted steel chassis or the curved corrugated iron roof. As for the longevity of the doors, the oldest door in Britain is an oak plank door at Westminster Abbey, dating back to around 1032 AD. And what do we use for our hut doors? Yep, English oak.

Timeless quality? Absolutely.

Life can be messy. Your shepherds hut won’t be. We’re so confident in the exacting standards of our expert craftsmen that Holmes Hill huts come with a guarantee on all materials. In the unlikely event of any structural defects, you can be certain of a free callout to make it right.

A Holmes Hill hut is more than a shell. From charming bedrooms to home spas, we create spaces that are a joy to hunker down in. A forward-thinking space where time-honoured heritage meets modern style.

Designed to be where you are

Shepherds huts aren’t solid structures and are therefore moveable meaning wherever you go, your hut can go too. Holmes Hill Shepherds huts hitch effortlessly onto a tractor or 4×4 and can turn through near-360o thanks to the steering plate this makes on-site repositioning quick and easy. Moving house? Your hut can be transported on a low-loader or flatbed trailer.

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