Shepherds Hut Finance Now Available

We have partnered with Portman Asset Finance to provide our customers with affordable payments to purchase there hut with, using finance for purchasing your hut is super easy and very convenient, the finance makes it so easy, its lighter on your bank account and you just don’t have to worry as long as you pay the instalments!

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Finance now offered!

What is the interest rate?

Well fortunately for you as a customer, a shepherds hut is easy to sell therefore making it less of a risk for the lenders therefore typically keeping interest rates down, every individual will have a different bracket of interest due to the lenders risk however typically 6.5% to 13% depending on the individual.

How long are the payment plans?

With portman we can choose between a 2 year period and a 6 year period, making instalments more cost effective. Credit ratings can affect your payment plans, an excellent rating will be more cost effective then a poor credit core, however using Portman we are able to lend to any individual whatever the credit rating.