Meet the Team – Robert Mcfagan (Director)

What inspired you to start Holmes Hill shepherds huts?

“I started Holmes Hill Shepherds Huts back in 2019, It has been a strange journey, qualifying as a mechanic back in 2016 but never feeling it was my calling, I tried many things over the years and even built a hut back in 2017 as I loved going to steam shows but hated being in tents. I then shortly sold this hut for £500 and an old school tractor. In the next few years I started building a hut for myself which is comparable to the huts we make now, soon on I had a lady ask me if I would build her a shepherds hut, to which I agreed and therefore Holmes Hill Shepherds Huts had officially started.”

What is your role?

“I am officially a director however unlike many, I prefer to be in the workshop being hands on with the building then I do sat in the office, I still do all the deliveries of the hut myself, I manage the company, the employees, I even manage the chickens.”

How do you like to spend your time off and weekends?

“My life is huts so I mostly spent all free time in the office or workshop however I am lucky enough to co-own two lovely horses so unfortunately lay ins and time off aren’t possible, my weekends are spent accompanying my fiancé to competitions with said horses. But when we are not doing this I am either with my friends or family.”

Favorite place to eat locally?

“My favorite place to eat would have to be The Gun over in Chidingly. I typically go for the steak, it is such a friendly place with a lovely menu.”

Aspirations for the company?

“I would like to increase the amount of huts we build and sell, this will mean increasing our staff and upgrading our manufacturing facilities and increase production.”

What is important to you?

“Spending time with my family and friends is so important for me, it helps me unwind from work and I enjoy being busy.”

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