Meet The Team – Aston

What is your role at Holmes Hill Shepherds Huts?

“I am highly skilled fabricator and I joined the Holmes Hill team back in March 2022, my job is to fabricate the chassis’ and the steel wheels the huts sits on. I work part time here and work full time as a steel erector all over the South East.”

How do you like to spend your time off and weekends?

“I enjoy banger racing which myself and partner both partake in, I have two lovely kids who both love coming to watch me race, I also enjoy spending lots of quality time with my kids and wife and watching them ride there ponies and there dirt bikes.”

Favorite place to eat locally?

“I love a good ol’ Italian pizza, especially Picasso’s over in Bexhill, I enjoy taking my family here as we all really enjoy Italian.”

What is important to you?

“My family is the most important thing to me and making sure they are always happy!”

How did you come to work at Holmes Hill Shepherds Huts?

“I was actually doing some work at another unit on the site, I was intrigued by the building of the huts and I decided to speak to rob, I asked Rob if he had any work going part time and offered him my fabrication skills, he accepted and I have worked for him ever since!”

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