Your working life in a Shepherds Hut.

Imagine having your own place to focus, that is distraction free and gives you control over the way that you work. A garden office offers lots of benefits such as embracing the best bits of homeworking, without the possible downsides. A shepherd’s hut office could transform your working day and your leisure time too.

Working from home.

Is it easy? No not always but there are big benefits to homeworking such as, the commute is so easy, and there’s unlikely to be a queue for the kitchen however without a proper office area there are downsides such as, where the lines between work and pleasure become blurred. Without an office it can be hard to enter a productive mode at the start of the day or properly exit ‘work mode’ at the end of it. This can lead to low productivity/stress and a feeling that you’re never really unplugged from your work, yet somehow never fully engaged either.

But we have a solution, a garden shepherd’s hut office makes it possible to work from home while having a space where you can focus solely on your working responsibilities – without any distraction. Instead of setting up on your kitchen table, you can walk into your own office with a sense of purpose. When you lock the office door, on a Friday afternoon, everything is there ready for you first thing on Monday morning.

What matters too is the inside of your shepherd’s hut. It’s all about creating an atmosphere that you feel comfortable in. Somewhere that motivates you and inspires your productivity. You need a space that liberates you to do what you do best. With smart ideas for hidden cabling, we can make sure your hut is connected with everything.

Will you need planning?

Once you have made the decision pop a shepherds hut home office in your garden, the last thing you want is to be held back by is planning. One of the great things about adding a office on wheels to your garden is that you are less likely to need planning permission, and in the unlikely event that you do, the process of getting planning permission granted is often simple and snag-free.

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