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01825 280488 Largest Shepherd's Hut manufacturer in the South East

A wide range of Shepherd's Huts to suit all budgets.

Choose the perfect hut for your needs or request a fully bespoke build from our team.

At Holmes Hill, we have made building and owning a Shepherds Hut simple and affordable for everyone. Simply select from our range of catalogue huts, or build your own fully bespoke living van by selecting your individual features! Our local team will get to work to make your dream a reality.

Select the size that's perfect for your space...

3 Meters

The 3 meter hut is the perfect size for smaller gardens and locations where space is at a premium. This is a great size for those looking to use their hut as an office space or storage room.

3.6 Meters

The 3.6 meters hut is a great option for those with small location space but would like a roomy hut. It is a great size for your retreat place, reading room or hobby hut.

4.6 Meters

This hut is a brilliant option for a living space outside of your home. With 4.6 meters of space, the hut can be used for many different applications.

5.4 Meters

The 5.4 meters huts are a great size for holiday homes. There is enough room to fit a bed and kitchen or bathroom.

6 Meters

Our largest size hut, the 6 meters option will offer you ample room to enjoy. This hut allows enough space for a double bed, sofa, kitchen area and bathroom.

Exterior Extras
All our Shepherd’s Huts are available exterior extras that are designed to provide unique features to fit each individual client’s needs...

Corrugated Cladding

High quality but low costs, corrugated cladding is a popular choice for roofing and the walls of your huts.

Oak Steps

Choose these steps for an easy option to accessing your hut. The oak finish is sleek and withstands wear and tear from frequent use.

Turntable Chassis

Acting as the foundation and platform for every Shepherd’s Hut, the chassis is important. A turntable will allow you to move your hut whilst offering solid structure and sturdiness.

Pine TGV Cladding

For a more rustic finish, pine TGV cladding is a great option. The smooth finish looks great and will keep your hut waterproof.

Exterior Light

For those late night visits and during the winter months, an exterior light is a great option for making the hut more homely and safe.


Solar panels are not only a great option for those looking to reduce their impact on the environment, but those looking for a cost-effective power solution.

Interior Extras
All our Shepherd’s Huts are available interior extras that are designed to provide unique features to fit each individual client’s needs...

Interior Paint

Spruce up your Shepherds Hut and make it feel more homely with a lick of interior paint. It will help your hut to feel more complete.

Tea Station

Whether used for washing up mugs or as part of your hobby, get a tea station installed in your hut and enjoy running water straight out the tap.

Log Burner

Add a touch of luxury to your Shepherds Hut with a log burner. This addition will make your hut so cosy and warm.

Bed Frame

Without professional help, it can be difficult to install a bed into a Shepherds Hut. Have a bed frame installed and take the worry away.

Folding Table

To optimise the space in your hut, install a folding table. This can be used for eating at, hobby work or placing decorations on.

Oak Flooring

Oak flooring will feel great under your feet and will help to keep the hut warm in winter months. A great looking option.

WC/Shower/Toilet Mains

A WC/shower/toilet connected to the mains will mean that you can spend more time in your hut. A great option for offices and hobby huts.

WC/Shower/Toilet off grid

This option is perfect for huts that will be on the move such as holiday homes. Add a WC/shower/toilet to your Shepherds Hut and enjoy the facilities off grid.

2 Ring Electric Hob

Add kitchen facilities to your hut with a two ring electric hob. Perfect for a hut where all your needs can be met in one place.

Windows & Doors
Select the size and finish for your Shepherd's Hut windows and if applicable Double doors

800 x 1000 mm

A great option for smaller huts. The 800 x 1000mm window will give you all the natural light you need for your space.

600 X 600 mm

The 600 x 600 mm window is a great option for bringing natural light into your Shepherds Hut and it looks great!

1600 x 1915 mm DD

Our largest windows option, the 1600 x 1915 mm DD will flood your hut with natural light during the day.


Oak has been a popular choice for building materials for many years. It is strong and durable, making it a great choice for long-lasting windows.


Softwood is an easy material to work with and is responsibly sourced. The texture is generally uniform, giving a nice and traditional look.


Hardwood is durable and lasts for many years. This wood has a strong natural resistance to warping and shrinking.


UPVC is a perfect choice for huts as it helps to stop heat escaping. Maintenance is very low and it is very durable and weather-resistant.

UPVC Half Foiled

Foil is a form of laminate finish that replicated the colour of the wood. The UPVC half foiled option is great to match the windows to the rest of your hut.

UPVC Full Foiled

Our UPVC full foiled option is very durable, weather-resistant and offers a great finish on your hut windows.

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