Shepherds Coop: Ease of Maintenance

The Shepherds Coop is designed to tackle all the inconveniences that come with keeping chickens in conventional coops. Its high above the ground to avoid rats, fox proof with joinery grade doors, insulated to avoid the heat and the cold, it has stainless-steel lined floor and nest boxes for ease of cleaning and a whole side door to allow full access for cleaning.

So, what’s so easy about these coops?

Well for starters, no more back pain. That’s right, the high up position of our coops with the whole side door access means no more bending over or awkward positions making cleaning the coop much less of a dreaded chore and so much less painful. The best part is the entire cleaning routine takes 10 minutes! Not a minute more. What’s not to like about all of that?

So, how do I clean my Shepherds Coop?

Well to start we go through the side door to allow ourselves the full access, we remove the perches from inside, with these you can either brush them off and give them a wipe with a wet cloth or hose them down before towel drying. After this we then remove the cardboard insert (we personally like to use a piece of cardboard to cover the stainless-steel floor) on the floor of the coop, once this is removed we use a dustpan and brush to brush up any dirt or feces that have been left behind before giving the coop a quick wipe over with a wet cloth. Good as new! This is genuinely how quick the process is to cleaning our coops!

What cleaning products should I use on my Shepherds Coop?

We personally only use water however some Chicken safe products can consist of Cooper and Gracie’s Poultry House Disinfectant or Poultry Care liquid spray by Andermatt. Both are Cruelty free and Organic/Eco-friendly. However any chicken friendly spray/disinfectant may be used in and on the Coops due to there durability and hard wearing wood.

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