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01825 280488 Largest Shepherd's Hut manufacturer in the South East

Why pay more?

At Holmes Hill Shepherds Huts, we are determined to turn the dream of owning personal or commercial Shepherds Huts within the reach of all.

Through a combination of responsible material resourcing, the latest computer technology and skilled workmanship, we are able to produce products that are approximately 50% less costly than like-for-like products on the market.

In the past, launching a Shepherds Hut rental business with one or two huts, would cost around £30-40,000. We have come into the market with a particular knowledge of both manufacturing and production lines that has enabled us to wipe a huge amount of the cost off your bill.

Our mission is to make both personal ownership and home holiday & glamping business more viable to all.

Looking for a quote? You'll be pleasantly suprised...

We combine careful and responsible material resourcing with the latest computer aided design techniques to build and supply Shepherds Huts at a significantly lower cost than other manufacturers.

Responsible material resourcing

All of our Shepherds Huts are built with the environment in mind.

We carefully source materials and parts from only the most reputable sources and will always use high quality recycled parts wherever possible. To reduce our impact on the environment we choose to minimise unnecessary part manufacturing over careful and responsible part sourcing without comprising on quality.

Latest computer technology

We use the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for all our Shepherd Hut builds.

By spending the time on creating a precise computerised depiction of your shepherds hut or living van, there are two major benefits:

We are able to offer you a clear visualisation of your final product whilst the work is underway; and we can minimise all waste materials before we begin work – ultimately bringing the cost of the hut down significantly.

Highly skilled craftsmanship

Our Shepherds Huts are built with care by our team of highly skilled professionals.

Unlike many manufacturers, we build all of our huts to your bespoke requirements. We prefer to combine traditional skills, hand craftsmanship with the very best modern tools to build our huts. We consciously choose not to invest in costly and environmentally damaging large-scale manufacturing machinery to churn out hundreds of identical products each day.

Our current offers...

We understand that purchasing the right Shepherds Hut for your needs can be a challenge, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t also be fun! We are currently running offers to help make your experience with us a perfect one.

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