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Home Office

We are delighted to now be building our bespoke home office shepherd hut builds to our clients on regular basis.

Since the beginning of the year the number of people that have started to work from home has increased massively due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are finding that more and more of our customers are approaching us because they would like to build a bespoke Shepherds Hut for their home, to act as a home office alternative when space is in short supply.

We have since put together a hut spec which has the home worker in mind (as with all of our Shepherd Huts, this specification can be tailored to your exact requirements):

  • Fully insulated for use throughout all four seasons
  • Optional shelving and storage as required
  • Options to easily fit in kitchen facilities such as a microwave and stove top hob, fitted fridge and even a toilet and shower space
  • Compact external build for home/garden environment
  • Spacious internal build for ample desk space and office amenities
  • Single and double-door options with multiple windows if required

If you are not sure about whether you will need to use your Shepherds Hut as an office yet, our basic hut models start at just £5,000 Plus VAT and can easily be converted into an office space is entirely possible at a later date.

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